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Iron Skillet Cornbread Dressing

WARNING: This is real southern comfort cooking. You may gain a pound or two.

WARNING: This is real southern comfort cooking. You may gain a pound or two.

Most Southerner’s prefer cornbread dressing to stuffing any day of the week. Here is a simple recipe used in many southern kitchens. Baking in iron skillet will give it a slightly crunchy bottom and top, and a very moist center, making it perfect to eat plain or doused with turkey gravy.




Combine the following together in a large bowl. No mixer required, just a big spoon.

8 cups of crumbled cornbread (day old is best)

2 cups of crumbled biscuits (not canned!)

2 cans of cream of chicken soup

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

2 cups of chicken stock

½ cup of melted vegetable shortening

1 small onion – chopped

1 cup of celery – chopped

2 tablespoons dried sage

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Put 1 tablespoon of margarine and 1 tablespoon of vegetable shortening in a large (at least 15 inches) iron skillet.

Place skillet in the oven to allow the margarine and shortening to melt completely. When it starts to sizzle, carefully take out of the oven and pour in the dressing mixture. Leave about ½ free for the dressing to rise a bit.

Cover with a layer of tin foil and bake for 45 minutes.

Remove tin foil and bake the remaining time (apx 15 minutes) uncovered. Test to make sure a toothpick comes out clean. Don’t over bake. Depending on the depth of your skillet, you may have enough for 2 batches.

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