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    State Dish Showdown!

    We all know that Southerner’s have a corner on some of the best food offered in the United States. All you have to do is click the link below, pick you state and then choose from a list of front runners. If you don’t see your favorite, you can enter it on the list! So take a moment to cast your vote for the absolute favorite in your state! Vote For America’s Iconic Dishes for a Chance to Win BIG! Every state has an iconic dish. It may be rich in history, include area ingredients, or simply be loved by locals. Some states may have clear winners, but in others,…

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    Phenix City, Alabama was Once the Most Dangerous City in America

    Phenix City, Alabama has a population of 36,435 according to the 2019 statistics. But there was a time that it was even less populated and yet very dangerous. It may be hard to believe, but this little spot in the road on the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee River was controlled by organized crime, whorehouses and gambling; just to name a few issues plaguing the area. According to the Encyclopedia of Alabama: A 1954 report by the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Division stated that the small town had more per capita incidences of venereal disease and violence than any other city in America! Indeed. It was so out of control that…

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    No Rest Until There’s Justice in the “Moore’s Ford lynchings of 1946 “

    Justice is a word that’s thrown around so much that we sometimes forget what it really means. It’s a cliche’ to some and an unattainable goal to others. July 25, 1946: In the sweltering heat that by some estimates had reached a high of nearly 100 degrees, two black couples between 20 and 30 years of age, were crossing Moore’s Ford Bridge in the country side of Walton County, Georgia. Their names: George and May Murray Dorsey and Roger and Dorothy Dorsey Malcom. Out of nowhere, in broad daylight, approximately 20 (unmasked) white men converged on the car with guns aimed. Dragged out, no doubt in terror, the two couples…

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    Lewis Grizzard – A Southern Original

    During the prime of his career as a humorist, author and newspaper columnist for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Lewis Grizzard represented the true personality of the South; he loved the past, yet embraced the future. In fact, he so broke the stereotypical view the world has of southerners that New York Times reporter Peter Applebome once called Lewis “the patron saint of the new suburban South, where you could have both the values of the old general store and the designer label wares of the megamalls.” Despite being a professed bbq eating redneck, he lived in Atlanta’s exclusive Ansley Park area and travelled all over the world to sample…

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    WJHL.COM: “Celebrating Women: Dolly Parton marks 60 years in music”

    “I really like to believe that I’ve been a good example for country people — for southern people in general,” Parton said. “I’ve never tried to be different than what I was.  I just wanted to be my best self. I’m proud to be a country person; I’ve never tried to lose my accent.”  Read full article.   By: Josh Smith  Austin Kellerman

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    2019 Savannah Book Festival

    The South has a rich literary history aided by the diverse, interesting characters that live here.  But perhaps no city in the South personifies these traits better than Savannah, Georgia. Attending its annual book festival is not only a great experience for readers and authors, it’s also an extraordinary opportunity to “people watch.” Savannah is laden with the odd, colorful, fascinating and curious on any given day. But the festival seems to be when all of these people converge smack dab in the middle of town as if on parade. You’ll see ladies still proud to wear hats with feathers, diminutive gentlemen, in plaid pants worn an inch too short…

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    Looking for Something to do in Nashville? Check out The Southern Festival of Books!

    Join us for the 30th annual Southern Festival of Books: A Celebration of the Written Word, October 12-14, 2018 at the Main Nashville Public Library and War Memorial Plaza in downtown Nashville. We hope you’ll be a part of it! The Festival is a free event with no registration or tickets required. Author sessions will take place in the main Nashville Public Library (entrance on Church St) and in War Memorial Auditorium. All author signings take place in the Author Signing Colonnade, located at the top of the steps leading from Legislative Plaza to War Memorial Auditorium. View a map of area parking options. The 30th annual Southern Festival of…