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Bettie Page: The Sultry Siren of the Southland

The first bonafide pinup queen was southerner Bettie Page.

Long before Miley (bless her heart) Cyrus jiggled her bony butt in an attempt to catch the world’s attention, a woman had to have real curves in order to be considered or marketed as sexy. The original and most enigmatic of the pinup queens was Tennessee born Bettie Page. In her brief career during the 1950’s, she made such a large impact that an entire cult following endures even to this day. As for Bettie, the attention became too intense, prompting her to retreat into her own private world. After she stopped modeling, she lived the rest of her life working as a Christian missionary. Yes, depending on your own personal views, Bettie was outrageous and sometimes raunchy. But we can’t hold that against her. After all, like most southern women, Bettie knew that it was much easier to seek forgiveness than to get permission.

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