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Lewis Grizzard – A Southern Original

During the prime of his career as a humorist, author and newspaper columnist for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Lewis Grizzard represented the true personality of the South; he loved the past, yet embraced the future. In fact, he so broke the stereotypical view the world has of southerners that New York Times reporter Peter Applebome once called Lewis “the patron saint of the new suburban South, where you could have both the values of the old general store and the designer label wares of the megamalls.”

Despite being a professed bbq eating redneck, he lived in Atlanta’s exclusive Ansley Park area and travelled all over the world to sample other cultures. Still like most southern men, he did drive a pick-up truck, however, the only things he hung in the gun rack were a few golf clubs.

Lewis Grizzard passed in 1994. He was a true southerner beloved in all parts of the USA. The last of his kind and we sure miss him.


Learn more about his legacy on the Georgia Encyclopedia!


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