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A Southern Gentleman is Hard to Find – But this Video of Elvis Shows What One Looks Like!

While it’s true that a Southern gentleman is getting more difficult to find, they are still out there. Watch how a man treats his mother, his sister or grandmother. The breeding will surface if it’s there. Today, it’s a sticky situation for men to know what’s appropriate. They ask themselves “Should I open the door for this lady coming up behind me?” “Do I dare compliment her on how nice or pretty she looks?” Is it an insult to tell her she’s smart and risk sounding patronizing?” These are real dilemmas decent men face every day. However, the answer is really simple: Treat a woman the way you’d want a female loved one treated and do it with gracious hospitality.

As part of our ongoing participation in Elvis Week 2018 we’d like to share this video of Elvis Presley – a true Southern gentleman. Watch how kind he is to the little girl presenting him with a Medallion of Life from the Sioux Nation, June 1977. He went out of his way to put her at ease. As the camera scans the room you’ll notice his father Vernon and fiancee Ginger Alden. Ginger wrote a wonderful, heartfelt (and award winning) book that will be profiled in an upcoming post before Elvis Week is over. She waited decades to share her memories and has proven herself a class act.



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