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State Dish Showdown!

We all know that Southerner’s have a corner on some of the best food offered in the United States. All you have to do is click the link below, pick you state and then choose from a list of front runners. If you don’t see your favorite, you can enter it on the list! So take a moment to cast your vote for the absolute favorite in your state!

Vote For America’s Iconic Dishes for a Chance to Win BIG!

Every state has an iconic dish. It may be rich in history, include area ingredients, or simply be loved by locals. Some states may have clear winners, but in others, the debate continues. Whether California is best represented by fish tacos or avocado toast, or Florida by key lime pie or a Cuban sandwich, or Louisiana by beignets or gumbo is up to you!

Vote now in the Flavored Nation State Dish Showdown by using the ballot below. The winning dishes will be announced in April and served at this year’s Flavored Nation events, where attendees can sample every state’s iconic dish prepared by expert and award-winning chefs.

One lucky voter will win a Flavored Nation prize package including two tickets to a Flavored Nation event with unlimited food samples plus round-trip airfare, three-night hotel accommodations, and $2,500! Best of luck and thanks for voting! Contest ends March 31, 2020.

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Voting is easy! Find the states you’d like to submit an iconic dish for below. If the dish you would like to submit is already shown, just click “vote” next to it. If your dish has not yet been submitted, write it in the “dish name” field and click vote. You may submit dishes for as many states as you’d like. Brand name or restaurant/business-specific dishes will not be accepted. You must complete the registration form to continue voting and be eligible to win the Flavored Nation prize package. As long as you complete the registration, all of your votes will be counted. There is no overall submit button. See official rules. Thanks for voting and good luck!


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