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    Bettie Page: The Sultry Siren of the Southland

    Long before Miley (bless her heart) Cyrus jiggled her bony butt in an attempt to catch the world’s attention, a woman had to have real curves in order to be considered or marketed as sexy. The original and most enigmatic of the pinup queens was Tennessee born Bettie Page. In her brief career during the 1950’s, she made such a large impact that an entire cult following endures even to this day. As for Bettie, the attention became too intense, prompting her to retreat into her own private world. After she stopped modeling, she lived the rest of her life working as a Christian missionary. Yes, depending on your own personal…

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    Lena Baker: The First and Only Woman Killed in Georgia’s Electric Chair

    Lena Baker was the first and only woman to be executed in Georgia’s electric chair. She was executed in 1945, after she was convicted of murdering a man who had imprisoned her. At the time of Baker’s execution, the Georgia prison system was under scrutiny for reform. In August 2005 Baker was pardoned posthumously by the state Board of Pardons and Paroles. The board acknowledged that the 1945 decision to deny Lena Baker clemency was “a grievous error” and that she could have been charged with the lesser crime of voluntary manslaughter, which would have prevented the sentence of capital punishment. What I done, I did in self-defense, or I…

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    Draper James Jeans: Made in the American South!

    In the town of Blue Ridge, GA, workers used to proudly make Levi Jeans….that is until Levi’s started being made in China. Can you believe it? Levi’s made in China? Well, I guess if they can make our American flags, they might as well make what was once America’s favorite jeans for the working man (and women). However, recently, Blue Ridge workers started proudly making jeans for Draper James, the business venture of Tennessee native and actress Reese Witherspoon. In addition, country music songwriting legend Bill Anderson went to Blue Ridge to film a commercial at the plant for American made jeans. So, the next time you are shopping for…

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    ONLY IN YOUR STATE: 19 Most Charming Southern Towns Everyone in the U.S. Should Visit

    Great list for anyone looking for the Southern experience! “The American south definitely has its charms. The weather is dreamy, the people are sunny, and the food is something out of a barbeque-style dream. Check out these incredibly charming southern towns and start planning your next vacation to the land of wisteria, sweet tea, and open-hearted hospitality.” http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/usa/charming-southern-towns-usa/

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    FROM THE AJC: A glamorous Goodwill mystery: Who are the strangers in these slides?

    This mystery has been solved! See update here. Updated July 13, 2018 By  Jennifer Brett The lights dimmed and the mystery unfolded, frame after tantalizing frame. The lady of the house dazzles in a strapless evening gown, pink gloves and glittery choker. There’s a champagne coupe in her right hand — Veuve Cliquot, it appears from the label behind her — and a mink stole drapes over her left arm. Where did she go that night? Read more…‘ no

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    HBO’s Sharp Objects

    “Location, location, location” is a common phrase used in real estate. Apparently, it’s true for film producers too. About 60 miles south of Atlanta is the small town of Barnesville, GA. When a producer from HBO’s Big Little Lies decided to cruise around the area looking for pig farms he stumbled into this quaint town and knew it was unique. As a result, HBO’s Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams used its charming visuals as a setting to film this noir-styled mini-series. To anyone who watches the show, the chill you get at the opening of each episode is due in part to the contrast of those visuals and the story line.…